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Simply Today Life Podcast

May 20, 2021

Episode 22 - On today's episode, my guest Chrissy Mellinger and I talked about her journey from living with high anxiety and autoimmune disease to taking time off to start her inner healing journey. She also shared a very vulnerable part of her life that I had the honor to witness, and I truly hope that it inspires you to take that first step needed to begin your healing journey. Whatever that looks like for you.

Chrissy Mellinger is a certified life coach and perpetual student of life. Following a furlough from the hospitality industry in 2020, she took the opportunity to redesign her own life and follow her true calling. She is always learning something new with the goal of better serving her clients and the world. Chrissy has dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Economics, as well as an MBA. It is this dedication to personal development that she combines with a love of serving others to help her clients find their most authentic selves and build their dream lives.

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